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Server FAQ

Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by ATon2, Feb 13, 2013.

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    I will be remaking our server FAQ and putting information here.
    If you have any suggestions to add on to the faq, please comment below with your suggestion.

    All non-suggestive posts will be deleted, and after your suggestion has been put to thought, it will be deleted as well.

    Frequently asked question's explained.

    Simple format Q. then A. (Question obviously being Q and Answer obviously being A.)
    1. A. It is. Just type "/warp creative" to get to the creative world. After reading the signs, type "/icnewplot" to acquire a new plot.
    2. A. No. It is impossible to get operator. But once you acquire 200 hours, you may try out for our mediator rank.
    3. A. You can either vote for the server to earn in-game money by typing "/vote" and clicking the links. Each vote earns you $100 in-game cash. You can do either that, or you can kill monsters for money.
    4. A. Only builder ranks and higher can create factions.
    5. A. We created a PvP server just for that! Type "/server pvp" to get to the pvp server.
    6. A. When In-game type "/ar check" this will also show you how long till your next rank (Member,ADVmember,builder..etc)
    7. A. As question number 2 sort of explains do "/ar check" and it will give you in minutes how long you have to wait for your next rank.
    8. A. For these ranks you must donate to the server. To donate to the server either go to donate.aton2.com or type /buy in-game.
    9. A. once you are in the creative world (/warp creative) type "/iclaims plot plot1" <- This is if you already have a plot. If you don't have one type "/icnewplot".
    10. A. you can "/helpop <message>" (without the <>). IN EXTREME CASES ONLY you can use "/calladmin" to contact the owner.
    11. A. If the faction is closed you will need to contact a faction modertor/Owner (faction mods will have "*" in-front of the faction name and owners will have "**" If it is open type "/f join <factionname> (no <>)
    12. A. Impossible, it's automated and never fails. It automatically ranks you up within fifteen minutes. If you do find a problem however, please contact a staff member.
    List of the Main warps

    /warp spawn (This is where you spawn when you first joined the server)
    /warp survival (A pure survival world with no PvP)
    /warp creative (The creative world)
    /server pvp (The PvP server)
    /warp skyblock (The instructions on skyblock)
    /warp vip (The VIP world for donators and up.)
    /warp barracks
    /warp shop
    /warp spawnroad
    /warp chestshop
    /warp ranks
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    Q: How do I check the rules or see the rules list?

    A: Type /rules in game to see the rules of the server.

    This might come in handy ;D